Pixel Car Racer – different modes, nitrous oxide and dream garage of the game


Pixel Car Racer game has been increasingly becoming popular in the field of cars and racing category. The game can be enjoyed with plenty of cars and by building dream garage of player choice. The game provides full entertainment and control of the game that when playing player does not get in touch with outer world.

Various features also can be said luring and attention grabber in the game. One of them is Pixel Car Racer Hack which can be used by both new and veteran player of the game for having upgrade cars and game currency.

Modes with variety for its various players

  • Pixel Car Racer game has been categories into different modes to play with and players whether new or old both can play as per their abilities and command over the cars. Lets have a look of them further:
    • Drag Racing – player of the game has to focus only on one single aspect of the game that is gear shifting. Gear shifting wqith perfect timing can take the player towards victory but can be vice versa.
    • Street Racing – when player faces lots of challenges on the streets and roads then player should switch over to street racing mode of the game to avoid crowded roads and streets.
    • CTF mode – player can also play this mode where player has to protect his flag from opponents of this game. if opponents get player’s flag them player should chase and try to get it back as soon as possible to win the game.

How to unlock cars in the game

With sharpen the skills; player can also unlock more cars of the game with the help of Pixel Car Racer Hack as well as by taking lead in all types of races. This will help play to boost skill and have more fun at the same time.